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Every painting, every song, every photograph, every chunk of clay, every poem, every book, every dance, every artistic creation has a human story behind it. We just happen to have 190+ of them for you to enjoy. Listen to us at your leisure on Apple, Spotify, Podbean, Samsung, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, PodChaser or your favorite podcast app. The Art Box a lively and engaging discussion about creativity and humanity in the Virgin Valley of Nevada and beyond.

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15 hours ago

Floyd Johnson continues with his "Best in Show" Art Box series as he sits down with Shirley Smith to talk about her award winning entry in the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery "Shadow and Light" exhibition. Kick back and enjoy.

Wednesday Jul 10, 2024

The Art Box is thrilled to welcome Michelle Lopez and Kaesee Bourne from the Nevada Department of Wildlife to our podcast. With diverse educational backgrounds in biology, STEM education, environmental studies, ecology, evolutionary studies, psychology, and neuroscience, they bring a unique perspective on protecting Nevada's wildlife. So, put on your headphones, grab a water bottle, and enjoy this informative and entertaining episode!
Thank you Michelle and Kaesee for all you do.

Tuesday Jul 09, 2024

We are incredibly proud to welcome Loïs Levy to The Art Box, our first international guest and the talented creator of our much-celebrated opening and closing music. Loïs graciously navigated the time difference between Munich, Germany, and Mesquite, Nevada, joining our Zoom call after getting his daughter to bed at 9 PM his time, which was noon for us.
Loïs, a French producer born in 1985, has been creating music for the past two decades. Originally from France, he now calls Munich, Germany home. Renowned for his commitment to crafting diverse and unique-sounding music, Loïs seamlessly transitions between genres, from alternative rock to experimental electronica, EDM, and pop. His collaborations with fellow artists have been instrumental in shaping the sonic identity of each project, adding depth and dimension to every composition while also providing valuable learning experiences. In his latest venture, the “Kit Pristine” project, Loïs channels his energy into the realm of pop music. His goal is to curate a platform for inspiring indie vocalists, melding their voices with his musical creations to produce fresh, innovative sounds.
You can find the Kit Pristine Project by clicking here.

Monday Jul 08, 2024

After months of planning, the Virgin Valley Artists' Association is excited to announce their move into the new Pottery Studio adjacent to the Mesquite Fine Art Center at 15 West Mesquite Blvd, in Mesquite, Nevada. Kathleen Birkholz, Diane Alexanian, and Tammy Weese, the dynamic trio leading the Potters move tribe, joined us at the Mesquite Works STEAM Center Art Box studio. They shared updates on the move, exciting new programs they'll offer, challenges they're facing, and, of course, plenty of laughs as they expressed their passion for pottery. After hosting this short episode, I’m ready to get my hands dirty and engage in some mud-slinging this fall. Join me.
Click here for the Virgin Valley Pottery Facebook Group Page
Virgin Valley Artists Association Web Page

Sunday Jul 07, 2024

Morrigan Devito is a dedicated environmental advocate and passionate educator with the Red Rock Audubon Society in Las Vegas. With a background in wildlife biology and conservation, Morrigan has devoted her career to studying and protecting avian species in the Nevada desert. Her work involves leading birdwatching tours, conducting ecological research, and organizing community outreach programs to promote awareness of local bird habitats. In addition to her scientific endeavors, Morrigan is an accomplished artist and nature journaler, capturing the beauty of the natural world through her detailed illustrations and writings. Known for her enthusiasm and expertise, Morrigan inspires others to appreciate and preserve the natural beauty of the region’s birdlife.

Sunday Jul 07, 2024

WOW’ser, this is an incredible episode! Our friend and occasional host, Tyler Roylance, sat down with Kim Erickson for a wide-ranging chat about creativity, art, and life. This is a must-listen. Enjoy!
You can find Kim teaching pottery at the Mesquite Fine Arts Center Pottery Studio at 15 W. Mesquite Blvd.
For MFAC Pottery Studio Hours Click Here
For MFAC Pottery Classes Click Here

Saturday Jul 06, 2024

We were fortunate to connect with Monica Aissa Martinez through our friend Jen Urso (Episode 102), and we finally managed to align our busy schedules for a fascinating conversation about how she blends science and art in her practice. Our discussion covers a range of intriguing topics, including the creation of egg tempera and casein paint, the intricacies of wandering nerves, the unexpected beauty of viruses, and her experiences navigating through COVID. So, slip on your headset, pour yourself a good glass of wine, and enjoy this enlightening conversation.
Learn more about Monica by clicking here. 
Monica's Blog click here

Friday Jul 05, 2024

Welcome to The Art Box! Today, we are thrilled to introduce our listeners to the esteemed Dr. Joyce Hunt Brown, a distinguished resident of Mesquite and a Certified Crisis Chaplain. Dr. Joyce joined our host, Tyler Roylance, in the Mesquite Works STEAM Center recording studio for an inspiring conversation about her lifelong dedication to serving others and educating them on self-care. Our discussions covered a range of topics, from the benefits of sleep learning to achieving your ideal self through empowering insights. Tune in for an episode filled with heartfelt wisdom and transformative ideas.
Learn more with the information below.
Suicide Prevention and Grief Relief
How to have an awesome day Saturdays 1:30 PM Pacific Time call: 657-390-4797

Friday Jul 05, 2024

Join us for a heartfelt and inspiring episode as our friend Diana Lee Rose sits down with Galen Allen, the proud owner of Table of Contents Café, nestled in the Mesquite, Nevada library. Galen shares the journey of opening the café with his partner, Hugh Scott McPherson, under the Randolph-Sheppard Program, which empowers visually impaired individuals to run their own businesses.
In this touching interview, Galen opens up about the challenges and triumphs he and Hugh faced while establishing the café, their vision of creating a community hub, and the deep bond they shared. Tragically, Hugh passed away in 2021, but the local community rallied around Galen, helping him keep their dream alive.
This episode is a testament to love, resilience, and the power of community support. We extend our special thanks to Diana Lee Rose of the Opportunivore podcast for collaborating with us on with The Art Box podcast to bring this to our loyal listeners.
Tune in for a story of passion, perseverance, and pride that will leave you inspired.
Follow Table of Contents on their Facebook Page.

Friday Jul 05, 2024

We are excited to welcome our friend Diana Lee Rose from the Opportunivore Podcast as she chats with Mike Gomes, the owner of All In Cycles in Mesquite, Nevada.
Since recording this episode, Mike and his team have celebrated the grand opening of their newly expanded bike shop. The new shop is still located at 1085 Pioneer Boulevard, right where the old one was. Mike shared, "This move will allow us to serve our customers much better. It will give us faster turnaround time for service and repairs, and we can carry more models of bicycles, as well as a wider range of accessories, care, and maintenance products."
Sit back and enjoy.
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